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Vowderful has a wealth of experience in Indian Wedding in Thailand for Indian individuals who wish to get married in Thailand. We also cater to clients from both international and domestic backgrounds. We offer professional expertise to our clients and prioritize every event we handle.

We have 30 years of experience, coordinating and producing events throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Our overseas clients stay in luxury hotels at a discounted rate, and we provide whatever transportation is needed to reach their destinations.

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Vowderful Events Specializes In Organizing Indian Weddings In Thailand

Thailand is a country with breathtaking scenery, be it the sea, mountains, rivers, or various islands. It is a dream destination for many people and a favorite among Indian and international travelers alike. It is widely popular as a wedding venue, marking a joyful chapter in the lives of couples.

Vowderful is here to guide you through the process of organizing an Indian-style wedding, offering bespoke services tailored to your preferences.

What We Do

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Preparing for a wedding is something that everyone knows can be challenging. There are many tasks to be done, such as choosing a venue, wedding attire, wedding favors, wedding invitations, and so on. A lack of efficient wedding planning can lead to problems and inevitable chaos.

Vowderfull has carefully organized the details and steps for wedding preparation, making it easier for you to plan and manage your wedding. This will help you greatly in handling the tasks associated with your wedding, making the process much smoother.


Vowderful is an expert in curating 5-star hotels and accommodations in Thailand, providing exceptional venues for wedding ceremonies tailored to the bride and groom’s desires.


The art of creating vibrant colors on faces and structures by leading professional craftsmen from Thailand can enchant you and your family, leaving a spellbinding impression on the eyes of guests who join the event.

Wedding Transportation Service

Vowderful Pay attention to every detail Make your wedding arrangements convenient, smooth, including domestic travel services from booking flight tickets to airport transfers directly to the wedding venue location, and shopping.

Pre Wedding Shoot

Throughout every special moment at your wedding, we have a professional team dedicated to capturing truly memorable still and moving images. We strive to provide the bride and groom with cherished keepsakes that they can trust our services with.

Planning & Decor

The wedding of your dreams can come true with a professional team that will orchestrate the decoration according to a luxurious and extravagant theme, exclusively for your wedding. From presenting the venue, designing and constructing the structure, selecting flowers, to taking care of the convenience of the wedding day, along with capturing the essence of cherished memories in photographs.

Bridal Wear

On such a momentous day like a wedding day, it’s absolutely certain that every bride wants to look her most stunning. Vowderful offers a wide variety of styles that suit you best, crafted by talented Thai designers who encompass beauty, trendiness, delicacy, and uniqueness.

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To start a life together, many people aspire to make it a significant moment, such as a wedding. It’s an event that declares the love of the couple and hopes to be celebrated only once in a lifetime. Therefore, we are determined to make everything the best it can be. One of the most important aspects is the wedding venue. It is believed that many couples have a dream location in mind. However, sometimes the dreams of both parties may not align, and one side may have to compromise or be willing to explore new options. 


They may consider a small and cost-effective wedding venue or an extravagant and luxurious one, depending on their status and the number of guests invited. Let’s invite your loved one to check out unique wedding venues and make the decision together.

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